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Tailored Size & Color Options

If you've come across a chandelier or wall sconce design that catches your eye, but its size and color don't quite match your furniture style, worry not. Just drop us an email at, including the following details:

Email Subject: Your Name + Custom Products (e.g., Luna Custom Products)

1. Product Details: Name, Picture, Shopping Link, and Product SKU
2. Preferred Size: Specify the dimensions you desire
3. Preferred Color: Let us know the color you have in mind

Uncertain about the right size or color? Don't fret. Share your room dimensions and ceiling height, and our team of professional designers will craft an exclusive customization for you.

Bespoke Designs

Should you have a unique chandelier design in mind that isn't on our website, we're here to assist.

1. Design Concept: Share an image or drawing of your envisioned chandelier
2. Base Color: Specify your desired color, such as Lacquered Burnished Brass or Bronze
3. Precise Dimensions: Provide width, depth, and height details (e.g., 40"L x 5"W x 1"H)

Uncertain about size or color? No worries. Supply your room dimensions and ceiling height, and our professional designers will tailor the chandelier to perfection.

Personalized Process

1. Reach Out: Initiate contact via email
2. Submit Your Vision:  Share your custom design or drawing
3. Custom Cost: Make the payment for customization
4. Factory Feedback: Receive a drawing plan from our manufacturing team
5. Final Confirmation: Confirm the production process

Let's collaborate to bring your lighting dreams to life!