About us

About us rilicospace (hereinafter referred to as "this website" or "us")

At our core, we are dedicated to offering top-tier lighting fixtures of exceptional quality. Our supplier boasts extensive experience in diverse styles, materials, and manufacturing processes. Bolstered by a flawless supply chain and a team of adept designers and skilled production workers, we ensure superior products at manufacturer's prices. We specialize in tailored lighting solutions, focusing primarily on home and hotel lighting projects across the US markets.

Our Principles Unparalleled Service: We're committed to swift email responses within 24 hours and round-the-clock resolution of any concerns. Transparent Pricing: Proficiency in market prices and salary structures ensures our product pricing remains open and straightforward. Craftsmanship Excellence: Worries about quality and workmanship fade away; our products not only meet your expectations but also outshine their value. Seamless Customization: With an adept manufacturing department and skilled lighting designers, our supplier swiftly crafts solutions to meet your needs. Rigorous Quality Checks: Our suppliers follow stringent quality checks at every production stage, encompassing design confirmation, material selection, production oversight, warehouse inspection, and client validation (including images, videos, and online showcases).

Our Vision Cutting Out the Middlemen: Our journey began with a simple belief—contemporary custom lighting shouldn't be a complex and expensive affair. For years, we witnessed retailers and intermediaries profiting through inflated markups, often at the expense of service quality. We're changing the landscape, offering premium lighting products directly from manufacturers to consumers—without exorbitant middleman charges.

Direct Designer Interaction: While most customers liaise with customer service, our patrons connect directly with our designers. Their insights and advice directly contribute to your lighting solutions.

QUALITY CONTROL METHODS The Conventional Model: Traditional lighting supply chains often involve numerous intermediaries, leading to a proliferation of quality issues for customers.

Our Approach: Bid farewell to intermediaries. By sourcing designer lighting directly from manufacturers, we ensure a top-notch product, synonymous with uncompromising quality.